Holmes Western Testimonial

Approximately six months ago we provided H.W.  with two 4” swing check valves. One was coated by Endurobond the other was non coated CS. 

Both valves were installed on discharge tanks and run parallel to each other. The media in these lines are Oil, Water, and some sand   

After 5 months the customer removed the bonnet on both valves.  The hinge pin in the non coated valve was was gummed up and damaged from erosion. The flapper is no longer able to open or close thus  making the valve no longer suitable for service, and not financially viable to repair   Replacement is the only option   

The Endurobond Coated Valve was opened, customer took a rag and wiped the oil and sediment off the flapper and hinge pin, allowing the flapper to easily open and close. This valve was put back in to service and did not require repair or replacement.

Holmes Western has completely bought in on the value of the Endurobond Coating, and we are currently working to make this a standard on all valves we provide to the Santiago Creek Lease. We currently have 4 more 4” Coated swing check valves quoted to the customer, and I am waiting to receive another RFQ for some more coated valves.

Clearly this product has helped our customer pro long the life of their valve, and protect their investment. I think we will continue to see the same success in all the other applications we have the Endurobond Coating in service.

Odessa Pumps & Equipment

I have worked for Odessa Pumps & Equipment for the past 20 years and have been involved in all the various departments and processes throughout the company. One of our valuable and major service accounts Apache Corporation at their Texon field about 13 miles west of Big Lake, Texas has always had issues with pumping the produced water in that field. The very high H2S concentrations are at an acidic level and very few metal materials for the pumps constructions they use have been available to handle the corrosive properties of the water.

For years they were getting premature material failures using materials such as 316 stainless steel. After many test and evaluations, it was determined that Alloy 20 and Monel materials were the only options in the ANSI type pumps they were utilizing would withstand the corrosive nature of the produced water being pumped. For years since these materials were the solution and worked great with crucial components lasting above normal run times in the application. In late 2016 Apache Corporation called Odessa Pumps for a field technician to inspect a crucial pump in their field that moved the produced water at a critical location that had been losing rate steadily over the past several months. Upon inspection it was determined that the casing and impeller were worn out from normal wear over the years and needing replacing. The manufacturer of this pump of course did not have the necessary Alloy 20 parts needed for compatibility and would be 8-10 week delivery for the special material but 316 stainless was readily available.

From previous experience Odessa Pumps knew the 316 stainless steel parts would be tops a month run time before failing. At this point Odessa Pumps had used Enduro-Bond a couple times on other applications and one of our applications, engineering team members suggested to call them and see if coating the 316 stainless steel parts could possibly give Apache Corporation a better run time with the less adequate material until the Alloy 20 material parts were available. After conversations with Enduro-Bond about the application and issues that Apache Corporation was having and the consensus was to try a trial run of the parts coated with the Enduro-Bond product and see how it holds up. Odessa Pumps provided Apache Corporation a spare 316 stainless steel casing and impeller that ran a total of two weeks while another casing and impeller was getting coated at Enduro-Bond.

The parts after being coated were swapped out with the regular 316 stainless steel parts that had been running two weeks (illustrated in the pictures attached). Shown is pitting from corrosion of the produced water after a short run time. The coated casing and impeller have been running now for 2-years without failure or corrosion. Odessa Pumps inspected the running Enduro-Bond coated parts for the first 6-months with the parts still in like new condition. Not only did it one-hundred percent solve a problem but saved the end user money on the expensive special Alloy 20 components that have been used for years in that application.

Since then Odessa Pumps has had numerous different pump configurations with various application coated with Enduro-Bond coating with a no fail success rate.