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Protective Barrier
Enduro-Bond™ applies a 1 to 2-Mil protective coating onto the surface for Ductile Iron or Carbon Steel Valve Bodies and Flanges that act as a thin molecular barrier that inhibits corrosion.
Thermally Bonded Coating
Extreme heat is applied and light blasting is utilized for surface preparation. Powdered Oxides are then applied and heat cured to 750F for maximum results.
Field Tested
Enduro-Bond™ coating has been field proven to be more durable than plastics, ceramics and epoxys. The Corrosive environment of today’s Oil Field and Industrial applications demand valves that can perform reliably with corrosive chemicals, salts, liquids, heat, and the eroding effects of mother nature. Under these severe conditions all valves are subject to extreme wear, eventually requiring maintenance or replacement.
Not a Paint Or Plastic
Enduro-Bond™ is a complex formula of organic metals and selective additives designed to be resistant to Salt Water, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Stimulation Acids.
High Temperature Reaction
Allows for high-temperature stability at maximum valve ratings; eliminates pin-holes in the coating; tensile strength that's stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.
Preheating/Blueing Process
Produces a tough interlocking bond between the Enduro-Bond™ coating and the surface of the metal.
Protects Where Others Fail
A bonded metal veneer protects threads without compromising the makeup or tolerance of your connections. Produces smoother, even 1-2 mils of protectant to all areas of the metal surface.
Fully Warranted
Enduro-Bond is applied to our OEM manufacturer's valve parts and the final assembly is factory-tested and certified to their standards. Enduro-Bond stands behind the coating on these and all products coated with the Enduro-Bond coating.
Metal Surface Processing
An environmentally friendly process utilizing filtered heat to remove paint, chemicals, oils, and solids from the surface.

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